Topaz Gang's ''

Originally released in January 2013, Topaz Gang's '' returns to limited edition CS, updated for 2019. This was the first album the group produced, though it would end up being the second released. Now including bonus tracks that were previously featured on Fortune 500's 'Music Of The Now Age vol. 1-3' and Sunbeam Records' 'Dazzling Nights: A Tribute To Luxury Elite' compilations.


topaz 2.jpg

EarthSim by FM Skyline

Originally released February 23, 2018 and remastered for 2019 EarthSim is a new classic-style vapor album, leaving some saying it’s “without a doubt the happiest vaporwave album ever released”.


All that will be left of us is a cheap keyboard stuck on 'demo' mode, floating through the void...
All music rendered by FM Skyline at Little Bajor Studios while recovering from a surgery. All sounds derived from a Yamaha PSR-E223 keyboard.